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Monday: 10 am – 7 pm

Tuesday: 9 am – 5 pm

Wednesday: 9 am – 5 pm 

Thursday: 9 am pm

Friday: 9 am pm


About Me

Welcome to my practice! 


I am a Medical Doctor dual certified in Family Medicine and Palliative Medicine.


I am also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. 


Here you will find the answers to most of your questions including contact information, office hours, directions, and office policies

Clinic Info


Appointment Booking

To book an appointment call us at 416-438-5665 during business hours. Please let our staff know the reason for your visit so that they can book the appropriate amount of time.

Office closed? No problem! You can book your appointment online on our free secure online portal HERE.

For in-person appointments please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time to register prior to your visit.

We also offer virtual appointments. These can be booked by phone or through our secure portal.  For virtual appointments you will be given a time range of when you may be called. 

Hospital parking is available at a cost of $4 per day. Please remember to pick up a parking voucher from our staff to get the discounted rate (regular rate $4 per half hour).

Urgent appointments


Need to be seen right away? Here are your options:


1.  Call us during the day and ask to be seen the same day (we have appointments set aside each day for urgent visits). You can also book on our online portal at HERE.


2.  Visit our After Hours clinic on weekday evenings and on weekends during the day. You can find out who the on-call doctor is for today by visiting HERE.

3.  Call Telehealth Advisory service at 1-866-553-7205 for health advice from the nurse on call.


Please note: for medical emergencies please call 911 and/or proceed to the nearest Emergency Department. 



New Patients

Currently we are NOT accepting new patients. We have a waiting list for patients interested in joining our practice. Our waiting list for new patients is approximately six years long. 

Appointment Cancellations

Many patients are on a wait list for an earlier appointment. As soon as you know that your appointment is no longer needed, please call our office to cancel.


A minimum of 24 hours is requested to change or cancel your appointment.


Patients who repeatedly fail to cancel their appointments may be charged a fee for missed appointments.

Prescription renewals

Please bring a list of your medications with you to each visit.


Remember to ask for any needed refills at your visit.


You may also have your pharmacist fax a renewal request. Please allow 10 days for faxed renewal requests to be filled. 

Note: Controlled substances, when prescribed, are only prescribed with a visit.

Uninsured Services


Not all services are covered by OHIP. Some services such as notes, forms, drivers’ exams, etc... are not covered and are billed directly to the patient. Please speak to our staff for more information. 


If you need a form filled out please drop it off early as forms can take 4 weeks to complete.


Please ensure that all the information that needs to be filled out by you is completed first.

For forms that need to be completed urgently (in less than 4 weeks) there may be a rush fee applied. 


Forms can be sent securely through our free online portal HERE.



Test results

After completing any tests please book a follow up appointment to discuss results in 1 to 2 weeks. 


If you would like a referral to see a specialist, please book an appointment to discuss your request.


When an appointment is offered the specialist’s office will contact you directly with the details.


If two or more weeks have passed please contact the specialist’s office directly to find out the status of your referral. 

Our Future

We are a teaching site affiliated with the University of Toronto. From time to time you may see residents, medical students, and other health care trainees. If you have any questions or concerns about seeing a trainee, please speak with our staff.



How to prepare for your visit


Before your visit:

  • Bring your valid health card

  • Bring a list of your medications

  • Bring any log books or records that may be helpful during your visit (blood pressure records, blood sugar readings, headache diaries, etc…)

  • Arrive 10 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time to help us prepare for your visit. If you are running late please let us know. 

  • Call us if you need to cancel your appointment (at least 24 hours notice is requested for cancelling an appointment)  


At your visit:

  • Update your contact info with our staff

  • Ask for any refills on prescription medication


After your visit:

  • Remember to book your next visit

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